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In 2012 Tessa Lowe founded Olo Foods, her goal was to provide all natural chipotle paste in the convenience of a tube for a quick and easy way to provide a smoky kick to the various dishes she loves to cook. The concept to deliver chipotle paste in a tube was born along with her son Owen. While on maternity leave Tessa found time to devote to her passion for cooking. She wanted to cut down on food prep time so she could spend more time with family and make life easier. Many of Tessa’s favorite dishes included chipotle and after numerous wasted cans, the idea for delivering the product in a tube came to life. Tessa named the company Olo Foods after her son Owen Lowe.


Tessa Lowe

Tessa has been a hustling entrepreneur ever since second grade when her and her best friend Celina set-up their first lemonade stand. Since then Tessa’s passion for food has grown. She loves to cook for friends and family. Check out Tessa’s most recent creations on Instagram @olofoods.

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