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Chipotle and Harissa paste in the convenience of a tube

  • As Featured In Oprah

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As Featured In Oprah

Food, Health, and Happiness

Sad Lunch Desk

Olo can help with the upgrade

The Story of Olo


Tessa Lowe’s maternity leave was mostly about bonding with baby Owen. But the brand-new mom found time for other things she loves. Like cooking. “Some of my favorite recipes call for chipotle peppers,” Tessa remembers. Chipotles are smoked, dried jalapeños, usually sold in jars or cans. Tessa’s recipes didn’t use up a whole can. “I came up with the idea of making a chipotle paste and putting it in a tube so I wouldn’t have to waste a whole can of peppers, and I could have the chipotle paste on hand at all times.” Betting that other cooks would love chipotle in a tube, Tessa started brainstorming about turning her idea into an actual product. She decided to call it Olo, in honor of her nickname for baby Owen. She and her husband Jonathan did some research. “Initially I thought I could make the product myself, but I soon realized it wouldn’t be possible,” Tessa says. The couple found a local company to make Olo’s Chipotle Paste and put it in tubes, and another to produce colorful packaging. “Starting out, we had to purchase a minimum amount of inventory and had no real idea where sales were going to come from,” Tessa says. “So I was trying to think: where can I start, what would be easy, where can I reach a lot of customers quickly?” We started online with Amazon then major specialty food retailers, online cooking sites, and food bloggers began contacting her after reading the reviews Amazon customers left for her product. Olo Foods second product is a certified organic Harissa paste. The products are filled and manufactured and made in the PNW.


I can no longer imagine life with Olo's Chipotle Paste. It's THAT good. This is the exact flavor and intensity / heat I've worked hard to emulate with various recipes over the years, now it is so easy and delicious with this paste. If it is possible to overdose on this stuff, I may soon be in rehab. 

Curt W Amazon Review

First off let me say I love supporting small businesses! This came the next day, I had it on amazon prime 2 day, and was so excited! The taste, aroma, texture, simply everything about this is amazing! The flavor is out of this world. It has the right amount of heat in the flavor. It's thick but not too thick. This product is amazing and I highly recommend it!

Christine M Amazon Review