Olo & Company is an importer of food products from Spain and Italy. Our mission is to to connect artisan food makers to our customers and offer only the highest quality products. We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of our partner suppliers who share our vision of quality.

Our Partners:

Simón Coll chocolatiers are one of the chocolate makers in Spain. They were established in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia – the capital of the cava industry in the Penedès - in 1840.

Simón Coll is still made in the same artisan way today. The cocoa beans are toasted on site to remove the thick outer husk of the shell to get to the tiny ‘nibs’ of cocoa that separate into a thick, dark cocoa liqour and cocoa butter – the key ingredients to fine chocolate.

Our partner has a range of over 400 items from bars to novelty chocolate items for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

Under the Simon Coll brand is the Chocolate Amatller line. Delicious thin leaves of 70% cocoa chocolate with a touch of Mediterranean Salt and thin leaves with white chocolate and strawberries which come in a metal box decorated with old promotional posters from Chocolate Amatller.
Made Amatller’s own method of cocoa vean selection, roasting, refining and conching, the chocolate is characterized by an intense flavor, which has a long finish and an accent on toasted notes.
The leaves are packaged in an airtight, heat-sealed tray, which limits oxidization and guarantees freshness until opened.
Ideal to give as a gift or to share.
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El Silencio Arbequina is made with Arbequina olives from olive trees over four hundred years old (olea europaea) from our "Aranyó" Estate, in the heart of the area known as "Les Garrigues", in Catalonia. The olive are picked and within in 24 hours they are processed resulting in a fresh green taste and floral aromas.
Torres also produces white wine vinegar from Parrellada wine. After careful selection, the vinegar is aged in oak barrels for 12 months, acquiring it's exceptional qualities.
Please contact us for questions on how to order in the US by emailing us at info@oloandco.com

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