Olo's Harissa Paste
Olo's Harissa Paste
Olo's Harissa Paste
Olo's Harissa Paste

Olo's Harissa Paste

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Enjoy harissa spice paste as a condiment

If you love to dip veggies or potato chips, then harissa paste makes the perfect accompaniment to any snack. Enjoy an intense kick of peppers and spices with every mouthful. Why not mix it with Greek yogurt for a delicious and refreshing dip?

Another way to enjoy Olo’s harissa paste tube is to add it in to your meals as you are cooking. You can squeeze it on to grilled veggies and scramble it into eggs for a new flavor dimension. A little really goes a long way so use sparingly!

Recipe suggestion

BUY NOW and add some fiery harissa spice paste to your food

  • ORGANIC PASTE – versatile spicy flavor meets convenience in Olo's Organic Harissa paste. Enjoy some extra heat in your favorite meals and snacks with a small amount from our long lasting tubes
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS – add some red harissa paste to your avocado eggs and it will become your new favorite dish. It tastes amazing when added to soups, stir fry dishes, pasta, scrambled eggs and hummus too
  • INGREDIENTS – organic red jalapeno peppers, organic lemon juice, organic garlic and organic spices and salt make this recipe 100% organic ingredients
  • PACKAGING – our lightweight harissa chili paste tubes stay fresh and delicious thanks to our sustainable aluminium tubes which lock in the fresh flavors whilst remaining convenient and compact
  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION – with approximately 23 servings in every tube you can enjoy harissa chili flavors in your meals and snacks. With no sugar and 0 calories per serving it is a healthy way to add a dash of heat to meat, fish and vegetable dishes